Ethical Sourcing Feather & Down

We sell quite a few feather & down products and we have a number of customers asking us about ethical sourcing.  One of the largest companies we deal with is Downia, a reputable Australian Company which has been around for more than 100 years.  This information has been provided to us by Downia and is of much interest to customers concerned about the humane treatment of animals, copied below is some very important information to that effect ;

We source our raw down and feathers in China and Thailand directly from the meat market ( as down and feathers are a sustainable by product of such ).

The farming process is governed by international and local laws and standards.

We source to the highest standards available and choose our suppliers carefully as the quality of down and feathers is highly influenced on how the animal was fed and treated during its life time.

We also process our raw material in our own washing and blending factories, hence have full control over the supply chain.

We condemn live-plucking and cruelty to any animals as it hurts our entire industry.

We are not RDS or Traumpass certified as these are rather new European or US market oriented certifications.

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