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Hotel at Home have introduced ‘The Madison Collection’, designers of the finest cotton linens, have replaced thick, heavy fluffy robes, towels & bathmats with stylishly lighter counterparts that are more absorbent, at the same time sensual to touch, alluring to the eye, energy-efficient, and the best in hotel luxury at home.


Oeko-Tex certified, established in 1951, fourth generation family owned and operated, located in South Brazil. One of five factories in the world where spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting and sewing is all completed on the same premises, ensuring a small carbon footprint, consistency, and high quality standards. 1300 workers (four daily shifts) rotate every hour to different stations to enhance productivity. Provided on-site to all workers: fitness instruction twice daily, medical clinic, child care, community center, lunch with healthy food choices, nutritional counseling, and free transportation to and from work. 25% of net profits are shared with the workforce. Recommendations on how to be more efficient from workers are evaluated by their peers; and over 400 are implemented per year.

Our technology and looms are cutting edge. The machines are all powered by jet air, fueled with briquettes from the  waste of the spinning process and with scrap wood from  furniture factories in the area that only work with replanted  forests. We use hydro power to generate electricity –  meaning no thermal, chalk or nuclear energy is used – another example of sustainability.

Only Oeko-Tex certified dyeing products are used. To develop our whIte colour, we use an optical Solution 03 and a very small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide. We do not use bleach.

Sophisticated machinery picks and blends from different raw bales – to ensure consistency and strength of the long fiber composite cotton. As an example of how we practice sustainability, all waste and fluff on the floor from the spinning factory is collected and compressed into briquettes for fuel. We are fully in control of the entire process from the raw stage to the finished product.  As a result, we can guarantee the excellence of the yarn, dyeing and weaving of The Madison Collection products.

The Madison Collection has less than a 4% shrinkage as we wash and dry 4 times after dyeing and before cutting and sewing.

The Madison Collection water purification plant uses bacteria to break down the dye pigment – no chemicals are used. After 10 years of storage and once there is no more evidence of toxicity, the bacteria is returned to the soil as fertilizer. The waters are returned to the rivers cleaner than when captured – another example of our high commitment to sustainability.

The Madison Collection products have a rigorous quality control process as each and every item is measured, hems are examined and threads are cut. The packing boxes are manufactured from recycled paper and thinner plastic bags are used to pack the towels, thereby diminishing the impact on the environment.

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