How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep

There a lot’s of ways to improve your sleep, the most obvious and exciting to be revealed at the end of the post.

  • Try to get at least 30 minutes exercise during the day
  • Keep a routine for bedtime and awakening in the morning, try not to be erratic with bed times.
  • Try to keep a constant temperature during the night
  • What about a diffuser with essential oils for calming
  • Limit the caffeine
  • Sleep in a dark room
  • Meditation is really helpful if you have trouble falling asleep
  • Have a warm bath or do some reading before bed.

Last but absolutely not least, have you ever stayed in a 5 Star Hotel and had the most amazing restful sleep?  Commercial beds are made differently to retail beds, you can’t buy hotel beds in retail stores.  Hotel at Home was born out of this necessity.  I travelled the world extensively, stayed in some of the most amazing hotels you could ever imagine.

One of my stays was at the Sheraton, many years ago before all of the hype about 5 Star Hotel beds and experiences, I had the most amazing sleep in what was then called their ‘Heavenly Bed’.  

I returned home to my beautiful bedroom, layed on my very expensive retail bed and pillows, only to find I was extremely disappointed with my night’s sleep.

This was back in 2000 and I made it my mission to find out from housekeeping where their bed came from, their linens and their pillows.  Back then they were very accomodating and gave me a list of suppliers.

In 2001, Hotel at Home was born and I set about bringing these amazing commercial products once only available to Hotels to the public.

The most amazing king pillows,

Equally out of this world comfortable 5 Star Hotel Bed at a surprisingly affordable price, custom made to order without the pricetag;

Let’s not forget the oversized fluffy feather and down duvet, this has the most amazing loft, is so dreamy;

Goose Down, Commercial quality at a highly affordable price.

Let’s not forget the linens, the king pillowcases, quilt cover and sheets, if you don’t want the commercial versions, usually a lower thread count to the retail versions, I do sell the commercial linens.  If you want high end, try the Sheridan Millennia 1200 Thread Count, I sell the king pillowcases.

Alternatively look at the commercial linens;

This is all more affordable than you can imagine, I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone comment on just how inexpensive the commercial beds are compared to the retail beds.

Try all of these tips and sweet dreams……

We sell quite a few feather & down products and we have a number of customers asking us about ethical sourcing.  One of the largest companies we deal with is Downia, a reputable Australian Company which has been around for more than 100 years.  This information has been provided to us by Downia and is of much interest to customers concerned about the humane treatment of animals, copied below is some very important information to that effect ;

We source our raw down and feathers in China and Thailand directly from the meat market ( as down and feathers are a sustainable by product of such ).

The farming process is governed by international and local laws and standards.

We source to the highest standards available and choose our suppliers carefully as the quality of down and feathers is highly influenced on how the animal was fed and treated during its life time.

We also process our raw material in our own washing and blending factories, hence have full control over the supply chain.

We condemn live-plucking and cruelty to any animals as it hurts our entire industry.

We are not RDS or Traumpass certified as these are rather new European or US market oriented certifications.

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